Fermenting Guide

Fermenting as easy as 1, 2, 3 (click here for a downloadable version)

Guide to Easy Fermenting

Fermenting veggies is a great way to provide good nutrition year-round! Ferment one vegetable alone or create mix of many different kinds, along with herbs and spices, for a great variety of cultured food. (Potatoes are not recommended as they will break down quickly)

  • Wide mouth Canning Jar with a 2 part lid 
  • Vegetables of Choice
  • Sea Salt or Kosher Salt (DO NOT USE IODIZED SALT)
  • Filtered Water

1. Chop or shred vegetables very finely and place in a bowl. For each quart of veggies add 1 tablespoon of salt. Mix and let sit for a half hour.
2. Using a wooden spoon or cocktail muddler pound the vegetables to bring out the juices.
3. Place veggies and the juice into the canning jar along with any herbs or spices. Pack tightly, pushing down the chopped veggies until they are 1½ inches from the top.
4. If liquid in jar does not cover veggies by a half inch, add filtered water. Place a weight on top using a large end of one of the chopped vegetables, making sure all vegetables are covered with water, leaving one inch of space (about 1/2 inch below jar threads).
5. Place 2 part lid on, tighten the band until closed.
6. Place jar in a bowl or shallow cookie sheet and leave the jar in a dark, warm place for 3-7 days. The warmer the temp the less time it takes to ferment.
7. Each day slowly twist open the band to allow gas to escape. Recap tightly after “burping” (letting gas out). After it reaches the taste you like, take out the weight and place the jar in the refrigerator.
8. Use within 3 months. 

Recipe from our Binghamton Farm Share Member and Volunteer, Wendy Pursel